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Progressive: "Employing or advocating more enlightened ideas and methods"


I refer to my philosophies as "progressive" because they emphasize humane, effective and safe methods without the use of physical or psychological intimidation. Such progressive methods are endorsed by leading veterinary and applied animal behaviourists, trainers and animal welfare organizations worldwide.

My name is Andrew Thomas and I am the owner of A Better Dog Training & Behaviour. My story begins in 2010 when I decided to formalize a lifetime worth of experience with dogs by gaining certification and starting my business. From the outset my goal was to do my part in helping to break the cycle of family dogs needlessly being given-up on, abandoned, and even euthanized due to behaviour issues.


I have a particular interest in canine behaviour which is a challenging but rewarding area in which to work, and I try to be a reasoned and informed voice in promoting and supporting animal welfare issues. 



For dog owners struggling with their dog’s undesirable behaviours, A Better Dog Training & Behaviour specializes in providing in-home behaviour evaluation, prevention and modification programs tailored to suit individual needs. With a mission to help my clients re-establish rewarding relationships with their dogs, A Better Dog Training & Behaviour's philosophy is founded on modern behavioural science using force-free methods that are effective and safe while building relationships based on trust.



I received my formal training and certification from Canadian Institute of Professional Dog Training founder Tony Parker, a Master Dog Trainer and esteemed behaviourist.


Research into animal behaviour and training methods is ongoing, so as a professional I understand the importance of continuing to grow my knowledge-base and skills through furthering my formal education, dialogue with leaders in the field of training and applied animal behaviour, clinics and seminars, and being active with professional associations.



I am a diehard proponent of dog adoption and rescue, and offer my time to local dog rescue groups when such opportunities arise.



To put it simply, there is no breed bias at A Better Dog Training & Behaviour... none... nadda... zilch! I would be happy to assist you with your dog no matter what the breed is.

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