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Progressive: "Employing or advocating more enlightened ideas and methods"


I refer to my philosophy and methodology as "progressive" because they emphasize humane, effective and safe methods without the use of physical or psychological intimidation. Such progressive methods are endorsed by leading veterinary and applied animal behaviourists, trainers and animal welfare organizations worldwide.


My philosophy of progressive training means: 


  • Employing humane, effective and reliable training programs based on modern behavioural science and learning theory.

  • Rewarding desirable behaviours so they are more likely to be repeated in the future.

  • Preventing or interrupting undesirable behaviours as to prevent their reinforcement, then rewarding alternative desirable behaviours in their place.

  • The progress of a training program is guided by the animal's psychological state.

  • Putting animals in situations where they are within their abilities to cope, and then developing desirable behaviours through positive reinforcement.



Training programs should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you and your dog, so I like to have friendly and informal sessions where we go at a comfortable pace for everyone involved. Enjoying the 'work' leads to willing and motivated training partners which, in turn, propels you down a path towards success.


Five very important words to help put you in a position to succeed with your dog:


  • Enjoyment - If you're not enjoying yourself, your dog won't be either

  • Patience - Your frustration gets in the way of your dog being able to learn

  • Rules - Create a set of (fair) rules and boundaries for your dog to live within

  • Consistency - Your dog will only be as consistent as you are

  • Reward - Every time your dog gets it right... let her know!



An important part of my personal philosophy is to "set the stage for success." I always want to put you and your dog in a position where learning is reinforced through having successes. This is far more effective than taking a hit-or-miss approach where you have just as much chance of getting frustrated and confused through failures.

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