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I'm looking for help with my dog... can you assist me?

For dog owners struggling with their dog’s undesirable behaviours, A BETTER DOG Training Company specializes in providing in-home behaviour evaluation, prevention and modification programs tailored to suit your individual needs. To determine if my services are going to be the right fit for you, I provide a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation so I can learn more about the issue(s) you're experiencing. Don't worry, there's no obligation to book a session. Please contact me to schedule your free phone consultation. You can call or text me at 604.866.0405 or email me at

What forms of payment do you accept?

The following forms of payment are accepted: - Cash - E-transfer - Interac (tap or swipe) - Visa, Mastercard, American Express (pay online, tap or swipe) Tap or swipe payments are processed using a 'Square' reader (shown below).

There's so much information available about dogs, training and behaviour. How do I tell the good from the bad?

The first thing to understand is that, in most of the world (including here in North America), the dog training/behaviour industry is unregulated. That means ANYONE can set up a business as a training or behaviour 'professional' without any qualifications or experience. Accordingly, there is a lot of misinformation and outdated practices still being recommended and used today. So who to trust? If you're looking for assistance with your dog you need to do your due diligence and research... you owe it to your dog and yourself. Some important questions to ask: - How long in business? - Business license and insurance? - Relevent education/background? - How does the person keep up-to-date with advancements in training/behaviour? - Which other trainers/behaviourists does the person follow and look to as mentors? - Does the person have experience with the specific issue you're dealing with? - What tools and methods will be employed? - Are there any negative side-effects to the methods being recommended, and if there are, how will they be handled? - Can you can attend (just to watch) a session or class? - Can references and testimonials be provided? If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

Why is there so much controversy about using punishment with dogs... don't those methods work?

The concept of dog training that we're familiar with today actually got its start a long time ago with the training of dogs for the military, where aversive methods such as coercion, force and punishment were used. Our knowledge of canine behaviour has come a long way since then (especially in the last 20 years), and despite the significant advancements that have been made, the use of punishment-based techniques in dog training/behaviour remains wide-spread. In my mind, it's not so much a question of whether or not punishment-based methods can work. Instead, it's an ethical question of, "Why continue to use punishment-based methods when there is ample evidence that non-aversive methods are equally (or more) effective, more humane, and far less risky?" Generally speaking, punishment-based techniques cause the suppression of problem behaviours through fear of subsequent consequences. While these techniques often give the appearance of being quick and effective solutions, due to the fact that the behaviour is merely being suppressed, the 'solution' often ends up being temporary because the underlying cause of the behaviour has not been addressed. In addition, it is common for these tactics to result in unintended negative behavioural side-effects. Questions? I would be happy to hear from you.

Are there any breeds that you don't or won't work with?

There's absolutely NO breed bias at A BETTER DOG Training Company... I'm happy to work with your dog no matter what breed!

How much does it cost?

My rates can be dependent on the behaviour issue that you're experiencing (for example, will a behaviour assessment required?) so this is not something I provide pricing on prior to learning about your particular situation. To learn more about the issue(s) you're experiencing I provide a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation. This is a great way for you to determine if my services are going to be the right fit for you, and for me to be able to provide pricing based on your needs. Please contact me to schedule your free phone consultation. You can call or text me at 604.866.0405 or email Questions? I would be happy to hear from you.

Are you accepting bookings and new clients during COVID?

Yes, I am accepting bookings and new clients (both in-person and virtual) during the pandemic, and have had my first COVID vaccination. In-person bookings are based on the following protocols: - Because I am a stranger, it's important for your dog to be able to reference my facial expressions when we are introduced. Due to this I will not be wearing a face covering during introduction, so I request that you wear a face covering during this time. Once your dog is able to relax and be at ease with my presence I will put on a face covering. - Whenever possible, sessions will be outdoors and we will keep appropriate social distancing. If it's not be possible to maintain appropriate social distancing I request that face coverings be worn. - If time must be spent indoors I request that face coverings be worn. - If you are not comfortable with any of the listed protocols or have any questions please contact me.

Do you provide virtual consultations and sessions?

Yes, virtual consultations and/or sessions can be provided by Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. Please contact me to discuss your needs.