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Even though your dog is a wonderful companion and has so many qualities to admire, his/her reactive behaviour can make it difficult to provide your dog with the sufficient regular exercise he/she needs. This is especially true nowadays, as we find our lives getting busier and busier.


Lots of people find a good way to supplement their dogs' exercise by hiring a dog walker, but this isn't always a viable solution for 'reactive' dogs, because:


  1. Not all dog walkers will accept reactive/aggressive dogs 

  2. Your reactive dog will likely require a private (one-on-one) walk, which is more expensive

  3. Putting your dog in the hands of someone who isn't experienced in working with reactive dogs (ie: appropriate behaviour modification practices), risks having your dog's behaviour worsen.    


Due to this I now provide a 'reactive dog' walking service on a limited basis. By this I mean that there is a limit to how many time-slots I have available each week and a limit to how far I can travel to make the session cost-effective. 


  1. Your dog is in experienced hands.

  2. Your dog is getting the additional exercise he/she needs.

  3. It's more than just a 'walk' ... it's a 


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