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Call Andrew at 604.866.0405 for more information


Your dog's reactive behaviour can make it difficult to provide the sufficient regular exercise he/she needs, but hiring a dog walker isn't always a viable solution for 'reactive' dogs because:

  • Not all dog walkers will accept reactive/aggressive dogs

  • Putting your dog in the hands of someone who isn't experienced in working with reactive dogs (ie: appropriate behaviour modification practices), risks having your dog's reactive behaviour worsen.

Due to this, I provide a reactive dog walking service to selected clients, based on the following:

  • Minimum 1 walk per week

  • Maximum of one hour per walk

  • Private walk (only your dog)

  • Your dog is in very experienced hands

  • Leash manners training

  • Appropriate handling of reactive behaviour 

Spots are limited as I only carry a certain number of 'walking' clients at any one time, so please contact me to determine current availability and to discuss your needs.

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